Feedmas Release Notes

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You can now Search issues and topics

14 November 2022

Received an issue that sounds familiar, but can't seem to find it in an issue?

Feedmas now has Search abilities so that you can globally search for keywords across issues and topics.

search for keywords using the search feature

Introducing, Topics!

26 September 2022

If you are noticing recurring themes in the types of requests and issues that are coming in from your users, then Topics is a way to group them together so that your team can keep track of related requests and discuss them in more detail.

To get started with Topics, go to the new Topics section on the main menu and create a new Topic. You can then locate related issues, select the ellipsis icon, and then click on Add to Topic from the menu.

When discussing topics with your team, you can rest assured that the convo won't be shared with the user that submitted the feedback. Communication with the submitter is still done via the inidivual issues.

We hope Topics allows you to better organize common feedback and to have constructive discussions with your team!

Have an idea for how we can improve Topics further? Let us know by submitting an idea via Feedmas. 🎄